Axtell One Name Study

Frank deP AXTELL ( - )

Name: Frank deP AXTELL 1
Sex: Male
Record Id: 27368
Father: -
Mother: -

Individual Events and Attributes


Individual Note

See http://www.jitterbuzz.com/coftrip.html for background info about Strainex patent granted to Frank "deP" Axtell. "The Strainex is patented -- U.S. Patent 1,702,243 was granted to Frank deP Axtell of New York City on February 19, 1929 for a "... means to support a body normally submerged in a vessel and to permit the raising of said object out of the fluid contained within the vessel ..." In plain words, he made a gadget that would hold a teabag and let you yank it out without making a big mess..." [Jon Axtell]


1"Internet". http://www.jitterbuzz.com/coftrip .html.