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Valerie AXTELL's brother: Philips Maxwell AXTELL (1913-1938)

Valerie Trudeau AXTELL (1920?- )

Name: Valerie Trudeau AXTELL 1
Sex: Female
Alt. Name: Valine Axtell Trudeau AXTELL 1
Alt. Name: Valine Axtell TRUDEAU
Alt. Name: Valine Trudeau AXTELL
Record Id: 15091
Father: Philip Phillips AXTELL (1885-1928)
Mother: Valerie TRUDEAU (1886?- )

Individual Events and Attributes

Birth 1920 (app) Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA

Individual Note

See http://www.axtellfamily.org/axalbum/ValerieAxtell1941.html for more info about her appearance in a Maxell Coffee advert in 1941. Not unlikely considering her mother was Josephine Maxwell of the Maxwell House fame. [Jon Axtell]


1Daniel Gibson Axtell, "Axb45.ged" (File from www.axtellfamily.org).