Axtell One Name Study
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Judy or Jude GARDNER's parents: Michael Edward James GARDNER and Diana Anne AXTELL
Judy or Jude GARDNER's siblings: Caroline Ann GARDNER and Clare Jane GARDNER

Family of Roland J ATTRIDGE and Judith Kay GARDNER

Husband: Roland J ATTRIDGE
Wife: Judith Kay GARDNER
Children: Jason James ATTRIDGE
Alexander Michael ATTRIDGE

Husband: Roland J ATTRIDGE

Name: Roland J ATTRIDGE 1
Sex: Male
Mother: DEAN

Wife: Judith Kay GARDNER

Name: Judith Kay GARDNER 1
Sex: Female
Father: Michael Edward James GARDNER
Mother: Diana Anne AXTELL

Child 1: Jason James ATTRIDGE

Name: Jason James ATTRIDGE 1
Sex: Male

Child 2: Nicola Kay ATTRIDGE

Name: Nicola Kay ATTRIDGE 1
Sex: Female

Child 3: Alexander Michael ATTRIDGE

Name: Alexander Michael ATTRIDGE 1
Sex: Male


1Diana Anne Gardner nee Axtell, "Person - Diana Anne Axtell".
Genes Reunited.