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Family of Henry BOOTH and Margaret Alice THOMPSON

Husband: Henry BOOTH (1859- )
Wife: Margaret Alice THOMPSON ( - )
Children: Maggie BOOTH ( - )

Husband: Henry BOOTH

Name: Henry BOOTH
Sex: Male
Nickname: Harry
Father: John BOOTH (1830?-1908)
Mother: Jane RICHMOND (1830?-1908?)
Birth 1859
Occupation Secretary. Fred (a brother?) had his first job there.; Ashton Frost, Founders Ltd

Wife: Margaret Alice THOMPSON

Name: Margaret Alice THOMPSON
Sex: Female
Nickname: Maggie
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Maggie BOOTH

Name: Maggie BOOTH
Sex: Female

Note on Marriage

Lived at 109 Selborne Street. House built by John Booth, Henry's father

Note on Husband: Henry BOOTH

DEATH: Estate divided between Alice Whitehead, J. Ward Jr, James Duerden, Henry Duerden, Fred Duerden, Amy Rigg, E.V. (Essie) Whitfield, Annie Latus (nee Hartley), Ellen (Nellie) Hartley, Eileen Yates

Note on Wife: Margaret Alice THOMPSON

DEATH: Henry moved to 111 Selborne Street (nextdoor), home of James and Elizabeth Ainsworth, when Maggie died.