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Perley AXTELL's other family: with Vivian M CASSENS (1897-1978)

Family of Perley AXTELL and Leola ROWLING

Husband: Perley AXTELL (1899-1979)
Wife: Leola ROWLING (1906-1983)
Marriage 19 Mar 1927 Rockland, Knox County, Maine, USA 1

Husband: Perley AXTELL

Name: Perley AXTELL 2
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 21 Jan 1899 USA 2
Death 3 Apr 1979 (age 80) Camden, Knox County, Maine, USA 2,3
U.S. Social Security Number 007-01-2200; Maine, USA 2

Wife: Leola ROWLING

Name: Leola ROWLING 2
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 17 Apr 1906 USA 2
U.S. Social Security Number 005-30-3106; Maine, USA 2
Death 23 Sep 1983 (age 76 (!)) Rockport, Knox County, Maine, USA 2,3

Note on Husband: Perley AXTELL

Not sure if Perley is a male or female (ambiguous name) and therefore marriage to Vivian Axtell (20Nov1897-Dec1978) is only assumed due to the last residence being the same on the USA SS Death Index. They could also be siblings. A Leola Axtell is also noted (17Apr1906-Sep1983) and her last residence field is the same as Perley's last benefit field (04841, Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA) which could indicate another connection either by marriage or as siblings. [Jon Axtell]


Confirmed to be Perley Axtell (male) married to Leola Rowling in 1927 and Vivian M Cassens in 1956 from Maine Marriages 1892-1966. [Jon Axtell}2

Note on Wife: Leola ROWLING

Unsure if Axtell is her maiden name or her birth name. [Jon Axtell]

Confirmed to be wife of Perley Axtell by Maine Marriage record2


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