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Family of Thomas GARDNER and Ann(ie) ALLISON

Husband: Thomas GARDNER (1816-1898)
Wife: Ann(ie) ALLISON ( - )
Children: John ALLISON (1847-1881)

Husband: Thomas GARDNER

Name: Thomas GARDNER 1
Sex: Male
Father: Richard GARDNER (1784-1875)
Mother: Betty CARTER (1788-1877)
Birth 1816 Garstang, Lancashire, England, UK
Death 1898 (age 81-82)

Wife: Ann(ie) ALLISON

Name: Ann(ie) ALLISON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: John ALLISON

Name: John ALLISON
Sex: Male
Birth 1847
Death 1881 (age 33-34)

Note on Husband: Thomas GARDNER

John Christohpher Rigg has him down as a possible son of Richard & Betty, I think Thomas Gardner of 1833 is a better bet as Richard and Betty's son, because it's not ususal to have two sons with the same first name. [Jon Axtell]


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