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Sarah DEFRANCE's other family: with Lewis William MCCOLLISTER (1846-1919)

Family of Charles BRADLEY and Sarah Elizabeth DEFRANCE

Husband: Charles BRADLEY (1847-1916)
Wife: Sarah Elizabeth DEFRANCE (1849-1927)
Children: Jennie Ellen BRADLEY (1869?-bef1900)
Marriage 2 Aug 1868 Tama County, Iowa, USA

Husband: Charles BRADLEY

Name: Charles BRADLEY 1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Jun 1847 Ashland, , Ohio, USA
Death 21 Jun 1916 (age 68-69) Truro, , Iowa, USA

Wife: Sarah Elizabeth DEFRANCE

Name: Sarah Elizabeth DEFRANCE 1,2
Sex: Female
Father: Hawkins Boone II DEFRANCE (1806-1881)
Mother: Harriett RANCK (1815-1885)
Birth 14 Aug 1849 Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, USA 2
Death 13 Dec 1927 (age 78) Tama County, Iowa, USA 2

Child 1: Jennie Ellen BRADLEY

Name: Jennie Ellen BRADLEY 1
Sex: Female
Birth Mar 1869 (app)
Death bef 1900 (age 30-31)


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