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Family of Richard Philip Anthony RIGG and Margery BATEMAN

Husband: Richard Philip Anthony RIGG (1901-1901)
Wife: Margery BATEMAN (1902-1999)
Children: Michael RIGG
Cherith RIGG
Marriage Q3 1927 Milnthorpe, , England, UK 1

Husband: Richard Philip Anthony RIGG

Name: Richard Philip Anthony RIGG
Sex: Male
Father: John RIGG (1857-1930)
Mother: Harriet FAWCETT (1859-1930)
Death Q1 1901 (age -1 (!)) Preston, Lancashire, England, UK 2
Birth 28 Sep 1901 Kendal, Lancashire, England, UK 3

Wife: Margery BATEMAN

Name: Margery BATEMAN
Sex: Female
Father: James BATEMAN ( - )
Mother: Sarah Agnes ELLIS ( - )
Birth 6 Nov 1902 Kendal, Lancashire, England, UK 4,5,6
Death Nov 1999 (age 96-97) Ulverston, Lancashire, England, UK 7

Child 1: Michael RIGG

Name: Michael RIGG 8
Sex: Male
Spouse: Susan GODDARD ( - )

Child 2: Cherith RIGG

Name: Cherith RIGG 8
Sex: Female
Spouse: Timothy HUNT ( - )

Note on Marriage

A Snelham attended the marriage according to John Christopher Rigg's documentation. A Snelham married one of Harriet Fawcett's sisters. The Snelhams are recorded as emigrating to Australia in the 1930 according to John Christopher Rigg's documentation.

Note on Husband: Richard Philip Anthony RIGG

NOTES: Golden wedding celebrated in 1977


NOTES: About 1942, a Major in RAMC, served in tent hospital, set up on 17/11/1942 in North Africa


BIRTH: Birth date taken from 1837online death index entry.

Note on Wife: Margery BATEMAN

NOTES: Of Milnthorpe


BIRTH: Margery Caroline Aylsham 4b 89 4Q1900

Marjorie Pocklington 9d 74 4Q1900

Margery Laws Stockton 10a 54 1Q1902

Margery Kendal 10b 759 4Q1902

Marjorie Bucklow 8a 154 4Q1902

Marjorie Sybil Ormskirk 8b 914 3Q1903

Marjorie Winifred Maidenhead 2e 993

Marjorie Alice Uxbridge 3a 80 3Q1904

Marjorie Wandsworth 1d 7320 4Q1904

Marjorie Kate Aston 6d 460 1Q1905

Marjorie Evelyyn N.Bierley 9b 136 4Q1905


BIRTH: !Certificate for Margery from Kenal 1/9/1902 applied for 4/7/2006. Merchant Ref#1936160/Worldpay Ref#182087650 ONS Ref~COL440900/2006



DEATH: From FreeBMD Death Index 1837-1983

Vol 17/Page 1610 Jan 1985

Surrey South-Western, Surrey, England, UK


DEATH: Not confirmed. There is another Margery Bateman born in 4Q1902 in Bucklow this record could be for either.


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