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Arthur AXTELL's other family: with Zipporah ( - )
Arthur AXTELL's siblings: AXTELL ( - ), AXTELL ( - ), AXTELL ( - ) and AXTELL ( - )
Arthur AXTELL's parents (family 2): Thomas Chalmers AXTELL (1835-1893) and Martha WILLIAMS (1836- )

Family of Arthur E AXTELL and Ida STREEPY

Husband: Arthur E AXTELL (1863-1923)
Wife: Ida STREEPY ( -1897)
Children: Beulah AXTELL (1889- )
Edna AXTELL (1892- )
Marriage 4 Apr 1889 1

Husband: Arthur E AXTELL

Name: Arthur E AXTELL 1,2
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Father (2): Thomas Chalmers AXTELL (1835-1893)
Mother (2): Martha WILLIAMS (1836- )
Birth 10 Dec 1863 Grundy County, Montana, USA 1,2
Death 13 Sep 1923 (age 59) Liberty Township, Ringgold County, Iowa, USA 1,2
Burial 1923 Centerville, Appanoose County, Iowa, USA 1,2


Name: Ida STREEPY 1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Death 1897 1

Child 1: Beulah AXTELL

Name: Beulah AXTELL 1,2
Sex: Female
Spouse: Carl NELSON ( - )
Birth Aug 1889 Iowa, USA 2

Child 2: Edna AXTELL

Name: Edna AXTELL 1,2
Sex: Female
Spouse: William ABERNATHY ( - )
Birth Sep 1892 Iowa, USA 2

Note on Husband: Arthur E AXTELL

Arthur Axtell is found in the 1870 Missouri census, Grundy county, rural Dale. He is age 7 and born in IA.

He is found in the 1880 Missouri census, Grundy Co., rural Marion. He is living with Charles E. and Almira Haley both born in NY, most likely as a hired hand.

A.E. Axtell is found in the 1900 IA census, Appanoosa Co. , Pleasant Twp. He is age 36 and born in IA, with wife S .P. born February 1873. They have been married one year. His wife has had 2 children, both living. At home are Beulah born August 1889 and Edna Axtell born September 1892 both in IA and in school and Oval Smith born August 1893, Bessie Smith born June 1896 and Lee born September 1898, all in IA.

Arthur is found in the 1910 IA census, Appanoosa Co., Pleasant Twp with wife Zipporah and her children, his daughters are not with them.

Arthur Axtell is found in the 1920 IA census, Ringgold Co. , Liberty Twp. His is a boarder, age 53, a farmer born in IA, his father in PA, his mother in IA.


[John Robb.GED.FTW]



Need to check marraiges out. Find-a-Grave doesn't mention any Zipporah, only and Ida Streepy which matches up with marriage to "S.P." even though initials don't match. Could this be another Arthur Axtell married to Zipporah? However, the Find-a-Grave does mention that his first wife died in 1897, so Arthur could have married a 2nd time for his appearence in the 1910 census. Doesn't explain why Zipporah is not listed on the Find-a-Grave data, though if she died after him she could be buried elsewhere. Both sources mention his two daughters with his first wife. [Jon Axtell]


Arthur is a child of two families. The family with no parent's and siblings with no first names is from Find-a-Grave and needs to be tallied up with his proper family in terms of dates/locations which aren't obvious at the time of matching between Find-a-Grave and Judith Feigenbaum's sources. [Jon Axtell]2


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