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Family of Thomas AXTELL and [unnamed person]

Husband: Thomas AXTELL (1750?- )
Wife: [unnamed person] ( - )
Marriage 18 Jul 1780 1

Husband: Thomas AXTELL

Name: Thomas AXTELL
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1750 (est) London, England, UK
Occupation (1) btw 1774 and 1776 (age 23-26) Bookseller; London, England, UK 2
Occupation (2) btw 1784 and 1833 (age 33-83) Bookseller; London, England, UK 2

Wife: [unnamed person]

Name: -
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Note on Husband: Thomas AXTELL (1)

AXTELL, Thomas, bookseller, Royal Exchange 1774-76; Finch Lane, Cornhill 1784B-1833P. Trading: as Thomas Axtell 1774-1800P; as Axtell and Purser 1801K-1833P. Livery Tinplate Workers' Co. by 1792. Publ. political and other pamphlets. Imprisoned three months for printing pamphlet called The Crises 29 Apr. 1776. Took in advertisements for English Chronicle, Middlesex Journal and Ayre's Sunday London Gazette 1785P. Also described as medicine vendors 1805H. Plomer; Timperley 736.2

Note on Husband: Thomas AXTELL (2)

Yesterday Mr. Axtell was brought into the Court of King's Bench to receive judgment for printing and publishing a pamphlet called The Crisis.- Sir Richard Aston read several extracts from the same, which he declared were grosly libellous, and deserving of punishment. An affidavit was read, in which the prisoner declared he was not worth five pounds, and the Court passed sentence of three months imprisonment.3

Note on Husband: Thomas AXTELL (3)

Could be Thomas Axtell [17196] or [17027]. [Jon Axtell]


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