Axtell One Name Study

Family of BRAY

Partner: BRAY ( - )
Partner: (unknown)
Children: Mary Hannah BRAY (1847?- )
Annie BRAY (1852?- )

Husband: BRAY

Name: BRAY 1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Mary Hannah BRAY

Name: Mary Hannah BRAY 1,2
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: TODD ( - )
Spouse 2: William AXTELL (1838- )
Birth 1847 (app) Ruisslip, Middlesex, London, England, UK 1,2

Child 2: Annie BRAY

Name: Annie BRAY 1
Sex: Female
Birth 1852 (app) Ruisslip, Middlesex, London, England, UK 1

Note on Husband: BRAY

Not on AFO UK site, used to link Annie Bray and May Hannah Bray who are said to be sisters by AFO UK [Jon Axtell]


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