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Joseph AXTELL's other family: with Phyllis Columba MCPHERSON ( - )
Joseph AXTELL's sister: Mary Florence AXTELL

Family of Joseph Walter AXTELL and Marion SITSER

Husband: Joseph Walter AXTELL (1906-1968)
Wife: Marion SITSER ( - )

Husband: Joseph Walter AXTELL

Name: Joseph Walter AXTELL 1,2,3
Sex: Male
Father: Maurice Floyd AXTELL (1871-1934)
Mother: Florence Mae WHITE (1872-1927)
Birth (1) 23 Mar 1906 Bridgewater, , Maine, USA 4
Birth (2) 23 Mar 1906 Deposit, Deleware County, New York, USA 2
Death 9 Dec 1968 (age 62) Lubbock, Lubbock County, Texas, USA 2,5

Wife: Marion SITSER

Name: Marion SITSER 1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth USA

Note on Marriage

Joseph's 1st. 2nd wife unknown.

Note on Husband: Joseph Walter AXTELL

b. March 23, 1906, married Marion Sitser, separated, m. (2) --, living at Bridgewater, Me. He is an osteopath, has two children.[axb45.ged]


Maine Marriages 1892-1966 has an entry for a J W Axtell and Phyliss McPherson. Residence of both is given as Bridgewater, Maine which ties in with comment in axb45.ged which has Joseph living in Bridgewater also. Phyllis is therefore assumed to be Joseph's unknown 2nd wife. [Jon Axtell]


Has a descendent called Raphaela Axtell [34218]. [Jon Axtell]


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