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Nona AXTELL's siblings: Erwin Duane AXTELL and Althea Emeline AXTELL

Family of Raymond L. ATTERBERRY and Nona Gwendoline AXTELL

Husband: Raymond L. ATTERBERRY (1898- )
Wife: Nona Gwendoline AXTELL (1907-1938)
Marriage 28 May 1937

Husband: Raymond L. ATTERBERRY

Name: Raymond L. ATTERBERRY 1
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: Dr.
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 13 Jun 1898 USA
Title Dr.

Wife: Nona Gwendoline AXTELL

Name: Nona Gwendoline AXTELL 1
Sex: Female
Father: Oscar M. AXTELL (1862-1919)
Mother: Bessie Idell MOORE (1885- )
Birth 22 Apr 1907 Pepin, Pepin County, Wisconsin, USA
Death 22 Dec 1938 (age 31) USA

Note on Husband: Raymond L. ATTERBERRY

son of Philander and Mary Elizabeth (Farmer) Atterberry.

Note on Wife: Nona Gwendoline AXTELL

b. April 22, 1907 at Pepin, Wis., married May 28, 1937 Dr. Raymond L.

Atterberry (b. June 13, 1898), son of Philander and Mary Elizabeth (Farmer)

Atterberry, she died Dec. 22, 1938. They lived at Canyon City, Colo.


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