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Lora AXTELL's other family: with Paul Woodrow SHUCK

Family of Bertram L. WOODCOCK and Lora Anna AXTELL

Husband: Bertram L. WOODCOCK (1906-1958)
Wife: Lora Anna AXTELL (1908-1998)
Children: Lora Jeanette WOODCOCK
Marriage 20 Jun 1928 Deep River, Poweshiek County, Iowa, USA 1

Husband: Bertram L. WOODCOCK

Name: Bertram L. WOODCOCK 2
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 10 Jan 1906 Bagley, , Michigan, USA 1
Death 4 Aug 1958 (age 52) Cedar Falls, , Iowa, USA 1

Wife: Lora Anna AXTELL

Name: Lora Anna AXTELL 1,2
Sex: Female
Father: Charles Elias AXTELL (1876- )
Mother: Elma L. GRIER ( - )
Birth 31 Dec 1908 Deep River, Poweshiek County, Iowa, USA 2
Death 21 Apr 1998 (age 89) Cedar Falls, , Iowa, USA 1

Child 1: Lora Jeanette WOODCOCK

Name: Lora Jeanette WOODCOCK 1
Sex: Female
Spouse: James Franklin WINEGARDEN

Note on Husband: Bertram L. WOODCOCK

of Deep River. [axb45.ged]

Note on Wife: Lora Anna AXTELL

Husband was of Deep River. [axb45.ged]


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