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Family of Stanley BATES and Ivah Ruth AXTELL

Husband: Stanley BATES ( - )
Wife: Ivah Ruth AXTELL (1899- )
Children: LaVerne Marie BATES
Harold Stanley BATES
Evelyn Joy BATES
Elsie Mae BATES
Marriage 3 Dec 1919

Husband: Stanley BATES

Name: Stanley BATES 1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth USA

Wife: Ivah Ruth AXTELL

Name: Ivah Ruth AXTELL 1
Sex: Female
Father: Harry Jay AXTELL (1871- )
Mother: Elsie Jane LARSON ( - )
Birth 16 Aug 1899 USA

Child 1: LaVerne Marie BATES

Name: LaVerne Marie BATES 1
Sex: Female

Child 2: Harold Stanley BATES

Name: Harold Stanley BATES 1
Sex: Male

Child 3: Evelyn Joy BATES

Name: Evelyn Joy BATES 1
Sex: Female

Child 4: Elsie Mae BATES

Name: Elsie Mae BATES 1
Sex: Female

Note on Wife: Ivah Ruth AXTELL

b. Aug. 16, 1899, married Stanley Bates Dec. 3, 1919. Moved to Canada in Jan.

1920, now living at Hanley, Sask, Canada (1944).




LaVerne Marie, b. 1921.


Harold Stanley, b. 1923.


Evelyn Joy, b. 1925.


Elsie Mae, b. 1931.


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