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Decatur AXTELL's brother: Almon AXTELL (1875- )

Family of Decatur Boynton AXTELL and Enos LEES

Husband: Decatur Boynton AXTELL (1876-1956)
Wife: Enos LEES ( -bef1956)
Children: Dick Lees AXTELL (1910-1990)
Marriage 1 Sep 1908 Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas, USA

Husband: Decatur Boynton AXTELL

Name: Decatur Boynton AXTELL 1,2
Sex: Male
Father: Daniel Benton AXTELL (1850-1882)
Mother: Nina ALLEN (1849-1905)
Birth 19 Nov 1876 Saint Louis, Missouri, USA 2
Death 27 Jan 1956 (age 79 yrs 2 mns 8 dys) San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, USA 2

Wife: Enos LEES

Name: Enos LEES 1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth USA
Death bef 1956 2

Child 1: Dick Lees AXTELL

Name: Dick Lees AXTELL 1,3,4
Sex: Male
Spouse: Hazel E SWECKER (1914-2007)
Birth 22 Jan 1910 New Braunfels, Cormal County, Texas, USA 3
Death 5 Apr 1990 (age 80) USA 3,4
Burial 1990 Quantico, Prince William County, Virginia, USA 3

Child 2: Pat. R. AXTELL

Name: Pat. R. AXTELL 1
Sex: Male

Note on Husband: Decatur Boynton AXTELL (1)

b. Nov. 19, 1876 at St. Louis, Mo. Married Enos Lees Sept. 1, 1908 at Hillsboro, Texas. Living in Washington, D.C. (1931). He completed a law course at the Texas State Univeristy in 1898. Through Sophronia Boynton (John Alden line) he was admitted to the Mayflowers, and through Thomas Axtell, to the Sons of the American Revolution. Also the S.A.R. through Abraham Welman. [axb45.ged]

Note on Husband: Decatur Boynton AXTELL (2)

Author of "Constitution of the State of Texas: Adopted by the Constitutional Convention Begun in the City". By Texas, Decatur Boynton Axtell Published 1901 Gammel Book Co. 409 pages



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