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Earl MORRIS's other family: with Lucile BOWMAN ( - )
Ann AXTELL's brother: Lane McCheane AXTELL (1906-1954)

Family of Earl Halstead MORRIS and Ann AXTELL

Husband: Earl Halstead MORRIS (1889-1956)
Wife: Ann AXTELL (1900-1945)
Children: Elizabeth Ann MORRIS
Sarah Lane MORRIS
Marriage Sep 1923 1

Husband: Earl Halstead MORRIS

      Earl Halstead MORRIS, 1950?, age 61, EarlHalsteadMorrisfig22    
Name: Earl Halstead MORRIS 1,2,3
Sex: Male
Father: Scott N MORRIS (1815?- )
Mother: Juliette Amanda HALSTEAD (1816?- )
Birth 24 Oct 1889 Chama, New Mexico, USA 3
Occupation Archaeologist 4
Death 24 Jun 1956 (age 66) Boulder, Colorado, USA 3

Wife: Ann AXTELL

Name: Ann AXTELL 2
Sex: Female
Father: Charles Whitney AXTELL (1866-1953)
Mother: Helen L. MCCHEANE (1867-1934)
Birth 9 Feb 1900 Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska, USA 1,2
Occupation Artist 4
Death 1945 (age 44-45) 1

Child 1: Elizabeth Ann MORRIS

Name: Elizabeth Ann MORRIS 5
Sex: Female

Child 2: Sarah Lane MORRIS

Name: Sarah Lane MORRIS 3
Sex: Female

Note on Wife: Ann AXTELL (1)

Residence, Aztec, New Mexico. She is the author of the book, "Digging in Yucatan." [axb45.ged]


Also author of the book "Digging in the Southwest". [Jon Axtell]2

Note on Wife: Ann AXTELL (2)

Author of the book "Digging in the Southwest" by Ann (Axtell) Morris Published 1933 Doubleday, Doran & Co

., Inc. 301 pages



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