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John AXTELL's other family: with Lydia S. LONG (1832?-1859)

Family of John Milton AXTELL and Mary E GOFFNEY

Husband: John Milton AXTELL (1828-1887)
Wife: Mary E GOFFNEY (1836-1899)
Children: Florence AXTELL (1862- )
Edward Goffney AXTELL (1865-1907)
Edwin Milton AXTELL (1865-1887)
Mary Belle AXTELL (1871- )
Marriage 1 Feb 1861 Knox County, Illinois, USA 1

Husband: John Milton AXTELL

Name: John Milton AXTELL 1,2
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas AXTELL (1802-1872)
Mother: Sarah ROBB (1806-1843)
Birth 21 Feb 1828 Washington County, Pennsylvania, USA 1
Death 1 Dec 1887 (age 59) Newton, Harvey County, Kansas, USA 1

Wife: Mary E GOFFNEY

Name: Mary E GOFFNEY 1,2
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 16 Mar 1836 Illinois, USA
Occupation Teacher 1
Death 19 Oct 1899 (age 63) 1
Burial Newton, Harvey County, Kansas, USA 1

Child 1: Florence AXTELL

Name: Florence AXTELL 1,2
Sex: Female
Spouse: ABBEY ( - )
Birth 2 Mar 1862 Illinois, USA 1
Occupation Teacher 1

Child 2: Edward Goffney AXTELL

Name: Edward Goffney AXTELL 1,2
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sylvania Belle WOLLARD (1868-1957)
Birth 5 May 1865 Illinois, USA 1
Death 22 Aug 1907 (age 42) Springvale, , Arkansas, USA 1,2

Child 3: Edwin Milton AXTELL

Name: Edwin Milton AXTELL 1,2
Sex: Male
Birth 5 May 1865 Illinois, USA 1
Death 3 Dec 1887 (age 22) USA 1

Child 4: Mary Belle AXTELL

Name: Mary Belle AXTELL 1,2
Sex: Female
Birth 28 Jun 1871 Kansas, USA 1

Note on Husband: John Milton AXTELL

b. Feb. 21, 1828, in western Pennsylvania. Married (1) Lydia S. Long, Aug. 1, 1850. She died Dec. 17, 1859. He married (2) Mary C. Goffney Feb. 1, 1861, moved to Warren Co., Ill., in 1873. He died in 1887. [axb45.ged]


Information from Joleen Axtell, on death and marriage and children.

The Monmouth Review announces his marriage on 2 August 1850. "Married at the American hotel yesterday by Reverend R.S. Monroe, John Axtell and Miss Lydia S. Long. " Birth date from Axtell genealogy and Washington Co. history. Probate says his death occurred 4 December but his tombstone says 1 December 1887.

He is found in the 1850 Warren Co., Illinois census with his wife, his mother in law and her son.

John Axtell is found in the 1880 Kansas census, Anderson Co. , Ozark. He is age 52 and born in PA.


[John Robb.GED.FTW]

Note on Wife: Mary E GOFFNEY

Mary E. is found in the 1850 Illinois census, Knox Co., Sale m Twp. She is age 14 and born in Illinois.

M.E. is found in the 1860 Illinois census, Knox Co., Ceder Twp. She is age 25 and born in Illinois, a teacher.

Mary E. is found in the 1880 Kansas census, Anderson Co., Ozark. She is age 44 and born in Illinois. Her parents were born in PA.[John Robb.GED.FTW]1


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