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Family of Silas Henry AXTELL and Catherine M. ELMER

Husband: Silas Henry AXTELL (1813- )
Wife: Catherine M. ELMER ( - )
Marriage 12 Sep 1839

Husband: Silas Henry AXTELL

Name: Silas Henry AXTELL 1
Sex: Male
Father: Samuel Loree AXTELL (1791-1855)
Mother: Nancy SANDERS (1792-1881)
Birth 20 Feb 1813 Mendham, Morris County, New Jersey, USA

Wife: Catherine M. ELMER

Name: Catherine M. ELMER 1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth USA

Note on Husband: Silas Henry AXTELL

b. Feb. 20, 1813 on a small farm three miles west of Morristown, N.J. When he

was a young man he attended Ezra Fairchild's High School at Mendham, and

taught several terms of district school. In 1836 he went to the State of

Ohio, located near Euclid, where he engaged in trading and school teaching.

In 1838, he went to Milwaukee, Wis., and in the summer of 1839 returned to

New Jersey, where he married Miss Catherine M. Elmer of Morris township on

Sept. 12, 1839. There were no children by this marriage. He engaged in

farming until 1844 when he went to Dubuque, Iowa; here he joined the Army in

1847 and remained with it until the close of the Mexican War. In 1849, he

went to St. Paul, Minn., and in 1853 to California, where he married Mrs.

Elizabeth L. Plummer on Dec. 5 of that year, and settled in Woodbridge, San

Joaquin Co.; here his wife died Jan. 1, 1882, aged 58 years. On Sept. 28,

1884, he married Mrs. Elizabeth Hunting of San Joaquin Co. He continued to

reside on the farm at Woodbridge with the exception of four years he held the

office of Assessor. During this time he resided in Stockton, the County seat

of San Joaquin Co.

Note on Wife: Catherine M. ELMER

of Morris township, N.J.


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