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Ophelia AXTELL's siblings: Olive AXTELL (1856- ) and Celestia AXTELL (1857-1920)

Family of Lewis L. DYCHE and Ophelia AXTELL

Husband: Lewis L. DYCHE ( -1915?)
Wife: Ophelia AXTELL (1859- )
Children: Walter DYCHE ( - )
Ruth DYCHE ( - )
Lindley DYCHE ( -1929)
George DYCHE ( - )

Husband: Lewis L. DYCHE

Name: Lewis L. DYCHE 1
Sex: Male
Name Prefix: Professor
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth USA
Title Prof.
Death 1915 (app) USA

Wife: Ophelia AXTELL

Name: Ophelia AXTELL 1,2
Sex: Female
Father: Pliny Fisk AXTELL (1829-1887)
Mother: Sarah RICE (1829-1864)
Birth 20 Jan 1859 USA

Child 1: Walter DYCHE

Name: Walter DYCHE 1
Sex: Male
Birth USA

Child 2: Ruth DYCHE

Name: Ruth DYCHE 1
Sex: Female
Birth USA

Child 3: Lindley DYCHE

Name: Lindley DYCHE 1
Sex: Male
Birth USA
Death 1929 USA

Child 4: George DYCHE

Name: George DYCHE 1
Sex: Male
Birth USA

Note on Husband: Lewis L. DYCHE

A professor according to name given as Dyche, Lewis L Prof.? [Jon Axtell]

Note on Wife: Ophelia AXTELL

Prof. Lewis L. Dyche was of the Kansas State University. He was an expert in

taxidermy, and had an exceptionally fine exhibit at the World's Fair at

Chicago, in 1893. He died about 1915. She is living in Lawrence, Kansas.

Children: Walter, Ruth, Lindley (d. 1929) and George.


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