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Strite AXTELL's other families: with Mary A. KENT ( -1863) and Catherine C. HILL ( -1896)
Strite AXTELL's parents: Amzi AXTELL (1784-1867) and Elizabeth CRATTY ( - )

Family of Strite (Stright) AXTELL and Martha GIBSON

Husband: Strite (Stright) AXTELL (1815-1879)
Wife: Martha GIBSON ( -1839)
Children: Nancy AXTELL (1839- )
Marriage 4 Jan 1838 Mercer County, Pennsylvania, USA

Husband: Strite (Stright) AXTELL

Name: Strite (Stright) AXTELL 1
Sex: Male
Father: Amzi AXTELL (1784-1867)
Mother: Elizabeth CRATTY ( - )
Birth 18 Feb 1815 Mercer County, Pennsylvania, USA
Death 12 Apr 1879 (age 64) USA

Wife: Martha GIBSON

Name: Martha GIBSON 1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth USA
Death 10 Sep 1839 USA

Child 1: Nancy AXTELL

Name: Nancy AXTELL 1
Sex: Female
Birth 22 Feb 1839 USA

Note on Husband: Strite (Stright) AXTELL

b. Feb. 18, 1815 in Mercer Co., Pa., where he lived until 1840, he then moved

to Trumble Co., Ohio, and in 1850 to Athens Co., Ohio. On Jan. 4, 1838 he

married Martha Gibson in Mercer Co., Pa., she died Sept. 10, 1839. On March

25, 1841 he married (2) Mary A. Boyd (Kent), she died April 8, 1863; on Nov.

9, 1865 he married (3) Catherine C. Hill. In 1869 he moved from Athens Co.,

Ohio, to Fairbury, Nebr. Here he homesteaded 160 acres of land and proved up

on 160 acres of school land five miles north of Fairbury, on which he built a

"Dug-out" where he lived for some time, and where two of his sons were born.

A third son was born in a building that later became a granary. In 1875 he

built a seven room house. He was a man of strong Christian character, and

sometimes engaged in the ministry. He died April 12, 1879? Catherine died in



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