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Catherine STOCKTON's other family: with John Buchanan BLAYNEY (1811-1886)

Family of Rufus Dodd AXTELL and Catherine Cox STOCKTON

Husband: Rufus Dodd AXTELL (1815-1847)
Wife: Catherine Cox STOCKTON (1819-1905?)
Children: John Stockton AXTELL (1845- )
Rufus AXTELL (1847- )
Marriage 27 Mar 1845

Husband: Rufus Dodd AXTELL

Name: Rufus Dodd AXTELL 1
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas AXTELL (1780-1853)
Mother: Eunice RIGGS (1784-1816)
Birth 20 Jul 1815 Morrow County, Ohio, USA
Death 9 Dec 1847 (age 32) Delaware, Delaware County, Ohio, USA

Wife: Catherine Cox STOCKTON

Name: Catherine Cox STOCKTON 1
Sex: Female
Father: John Cox STOCKTON (1786-1869)
Mother: Ann STILLWELL (1792-1830)
Birth Apr 1819 Muskingum, Muskingum County, Ohio, USA
Census 1900 (age 80-81) Tiro Village, Crawford County, Ohio, USA 2
Death 1905 (app) (age 85-86) USA

Child 1: John Stockton AXTELL

Name: John Stockton AXTELL 1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Selina DICKSON (1847- )
Birth 16 May 1845 Delaware, Delaware County, Ohio, USA
Occupation frm 28 Jul 1874 (age 29) Pastor 3
Ordination 28 Jul 1874 (age 29) Portland, , Indiana, USA 3

Child 2: Rufus AXTELL

Name: Rufus AXTELL 1
Sex: Male
Birth 1847 USA
Death USA

Note on Husband: Rufus Dodd AXTELL

b. July 20, 1815, in Morrow Co., Ohio. Married Catherine Cox Stockton March

27, 1845. He was a Presbyterian minister and pastor for two years near

Delaware, Ohio, where he died Dec. 9, 1847. He was of poetic turn of mind, a

zealous, faithful pastor.

Note on Wife: Catherine Cox STOCKTON

B&D dates are questimates from Ancestry trees. [Jon Axtell]


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