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Family of Henry AXTELL and Juliet LAY

Husband: Henry AXTELL (1802-1854)
Wife: Juliet LAY ( - )
Children: Harriet Tracy AXTELL (1831- )
Juliet Lay AXTELL (1836-1899)
Mary M. AXTELL (1840- )
Alfred AXTELL ( - )
Cornelia Clarissa AXTELL ( - )
Mary Frances AXTELL ( - )
John Henry AXTELL ( - )
Marriage 1828

Husband: Henry AXTELL

Name: Henry AXTELL 1,2
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: Rev.
Father: Henry AXTELL (1773-1829)
Mother: Hannah COOK (1775?-1840)
Birth 1802 Mendham, Morris County, New Jersey, USA
Title Rev.
Death 1854 (age 51-52) Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA

Wife: Juliet LAY

Name: Juliet LAY 1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth USA

Child 1: Harriet Tracy AXTELL

Name: Harriet Tracy AXTELL 1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Edward PLATT ( -1884)
Birth 24 Jun 1831 USA

Child 2: Juliet Lay AXTELL

Name: Juliet Lay AXTELL 1
Sex: Female
Birth 10 Sep 1836 USA
Death 18 Mar 1899 (age 62) Lake Forest, Lake County, Illinois, USA

Child 3: Mary M. AXTELL

Name: Mary M. AXTELL 1
Sex: Female
Spouse: J. P. RUMSEY ( - )
Birth 1 Apr 1840 USA

Child 4: Alfred AXTELL

Name: Alfred AXTELL 1
Sex: Male
Birth USA

Child 5: Cornelia Clarissa AXTELL

Name: Cornelia Clarissa AXTELL 1
Sex: Female
Birth USA

Child 6: Mary Frances AXTELL

Name: Mary Frances AXTELL 1
Sex: Female
Birth USA

Child 7: John Henry AXTELL

Name: John Henry AXTELL 1
Sex: Male
Birth USA
Death "Deceased" (age 2) , , Florida, USA

Note on Husband: Henry AXTELL

b. in 1802 in Mendham, N.J. He graduated from Hamilton College, 1825, where

he served as tutor 1825-26, and in 1826 received the degree of Master of

Arts. He then studied theology at Princeton, and in 1830 was settled at

Lawrenceville, N.J. In 1833 he accepted a call to Orange, N.J., resigned in

1838 on account of ill health. He went to St. Augustine, where he gradually

regained his health and preached for a time in the Presbyterian Church. In

May, 1843, he was appointed chaplain in the U.S. Army, was stationed at Fort

Brook, Tampa Bay, Fla., and in 1850 was transferred to New Orleans, La. In

1853, prostrated by disease, he gave up further labor. He died in

Philadelphia, Pa., in 1854. He married Juliet, a daughter of John Lay, in



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Note on Wife: Juliet LAY

daughter of John Lay.


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