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Isaac AXTELL's other family: with Rebecca RIGGS (1779-1823)

Family of Isaac Tuttle AXTELL and Abigail

Husband: Isaac Tuttle AXTELL (1776-1838)
Wife: Abigail ( - )

Husband: Isaac Tuttle AXTELL

Name: Isaac Tuttle AXTELL 1,2
Sex: Male
Father: Daniel AXTELL (1748-1826)
Mother: Ruth TUTTLE (1750-1831)
Birth 1776 Washington County, Pennsylvania, USA 2
Death 1 Sep 1838 (age 61-62) Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio, USA

Wife: Abigail

Name: Abigail 1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth USA

Note on Marriage

Isaac's 2nd (no children)

Note on Husband: Isaac Tuttle AXTELL

b. in western Pa. 1776; m. Rebbeca Riggs, who died June 19, 1823. He m.(2) Abigail Jewell, a widow with eight children; with ten of his own and eight step-children he possessed quite a family from the present-day standpoint. In 1817 he moved to Mt. Vernon, Ohio, where he died Sept. 1, 1838. The history of Mercer Co., Pa., mentioned him as a resident of that county in 1800-1802.

Note on Wife: Abigail

widow with eight children [axb45.ged]


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