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Thomas AXTELL's other family: with Mary TUTTLE (1752-1791)
Thomas AXTELL's brother: Daniel AXTELL (1748-1826)

Family of Thomas AXTELL and Ellen MCLEAN

Husband: Thomas AXTELL (1750?-1808)
Wife: Ellen MCLEAN ( - )
Children: Thomas AXTELL (1793-1867)
Charles AXTELL (1796-1871)

Husband: Thomas AXTELL

Name: Thomas AXTELL 1,2
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas AXTELL (1727-1750?)
Mother: Hannah GOBEL (1730?-1791)
Birth 1750 (app) New Jersey, USA
Death 12 Jul 1808 (age 57-58) USA

Wife: Ellen MCLEAN

Name: Ellen MCLEAN 1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth USA

Child 1: Thomas AXTELL

Name: Thomas AXTELL 1,3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary WIER (1797-1875)
Birth (1) 14 Sep 1793 USA 3
Birth (2) 25 Oct 1797 Washington County, Pennsylvania, USA
Burial 1862 Solsberry, Greene County, Indiana, USA 3
Death 25 Sep 1867 (age 74) Solesberry, Greene County, Indiana, USA 3

Child 2: Charles AXTELL

Name: Charles AXTELL 1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth VENNUM ( -1866)
Birth 10 Jul 1796 Pennsylvania, USA
Death 12 Apr 1871 (age 74) Milford, Iroquois County, Illinois, USA

Note on Husband: Thomas AXTELL (1)

b. about 1750 in New Jersey. On Dec. 12, 1771, he married (1) Mary Tuttle

(Tuthill), daughter of Isaac and Sarah Tuttle (See Tuttle and Lindley gen.).

Mary was born April 29, 1752; marriage recorded in First Presbyterian Church,

Morristown, N.J. He went with the Axtell migration to western Pa. about 1790,

settled in Washington Co., six miles south of the county seat. Mary died in

May, 1791, aged 39. He married (2) Ellen McClean (McClain). He died July 12,

1808. Thomas was a "Minute Man" in the Revolution (Pa. Archives).

Note on Husband: Thomas AXTELL (2)

First name: Thomas Known as:

Middle name: Occupation:

Surname: Axtell Date of birth: 1750

Year of birth: 1750 Date of baptism:

Gender: Male Year of death: 1808

Source of data:


Place of birth:

Place of baptism:

Place of death: Washington County, Pennsylvania


Spouse name: Mary Tuttle

Place of marriage:

Date of marriage:

Divorced: No4


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