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Henry AXTELL's other family: with Phebe CONDIT (1740-1829)

Family of Henry AXTELL and Mary BEACH

Husband: Henry AXTELL (1738-1818)
Wife: Mary BEACH ( -1766)
Children: Hannah AXTELL (1761- )
Mary AXTELL (1763-bef1830)
David AXTELL (1765- )
Marriage 18 Jun 1760

Husband: Henry AXTELL

Name: Henry AXTELL 1,2,3
Sex: Male
Father: Henry AXTELL (1715-1754)
Mother: Jemima LEONARD ( - )
Birth (1) 16 Mar 1738 Plymouth County, Massachusetts, USA 3
Death (1) 6 Apr 1818 (age 80) USA 3
Burial 1818 Mendham, Morris County, New Jersey, USA 3
Birth (2) 16 Mar 1737/38 Berkley, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, USA 2,4
Death (2) 6 Apr 1818 (age 80) Mendham, Morris County, New Jersey, USA 2
Title Maj. 2

Wife: Mary BEACH

Name: Mary BEACH 1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth USA
Death 1766 USA

Child 1: Hannah AXTELL

Name: Hannah AXTELL 1
Sex: Female
Spouse: LOZIER ( - )
Birth 15 Oct 1761 USA

Child 2: Mary AXTELL

Name: Mary AXTELL 1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Stephen LUDLOW ( - )
Birth 1763 Morris County, New Jersey, USA
Death bef 1830 (age 66-67) USA

Child 3: David AXTELL

Name: David AXTELL 1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Hannah JOHNSON ( - )
Birth 1765 Mendham, Morris County, New Jersey, USA

Note on Husband: Henry AXTELL

b. in Plymouth Co. Mass., March 16, 1738. When he was about three years old, his father moved to Morris Co., N.J. Here Henry spent the remainder of his life as a farmer. He was married (1) to Mary Beach on June 18, 1760, and settled on a farm four miles east of Mendham. This farm remained in the possession of his descendants until 1841. The family were Presbyterians. In 1766 his wife died, leaving him with three small children. Not far from him lived a young widow, Phebe Day (maiden name Condit) who came from one of the most prominent families in Morris Co.; was the widow of Silas Day; she was born June 25, 1740. Not long after the death of Mary he asked her to become the mother of his three small children. She frankly confessed that she had a tender regard for him personally, and would not object to matrimony if it were not for his children, but she had serious doubts and grave apprehensions about entering into the responsible position of stepmother to these children. When Henry heard this declaration, he rose to depart, saying: "Now I know what I'll do: I'll go right home and kill those children." When the widow heard this, well, they were married Jan. 7, 1767, in Morristown, by the Rev. Dr. Timothy Johnes, and lived together until April 6, 1818, when he died. He was buried in the Presbyterian church yard at Mendham. She survived her husband more than eleven years, dying at the home of her daughter, Rhoda Cory, near Morristown, July 6, 1829, aged 89 years. Henry Axtell was a man of prominence and influence in the section of the country in which he lived. When the Revolutionary War broke out, he took a decided stand for independence of the colonies, and was a sterling patriot throughout the struggle. He held the rank of Major in the "Minute Men" in Morris Co., N.J., and was always called "The Old Major." The Major was a large, heavily built man, with an uncommonly large head covered with brown curling hair. He had a voice that has been heard a mile away. He was a man of great humor, and enjoyed nothing better than a good joke. Phebe was a woman of energy and intelligence, and possessed a better education than the average woman of the community in which she lived. [axb45.ged]


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