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Family of Bernice CRANE and Joanna AXTELL

Husband: Bernice CRANE (1743- )
Wife: Joanna AXTELL (1746-1846)
Children: Abiather CRANE (1766- )
Luranna CRANE (1771- )
Barnabas CRANE (1775- )
Benjamin CRANE (1778- )
Jemima AXTELL (1778- )
William AXTELL (1781- )
Marriage 15 Jan 1763

Husband: Bernice CRANE

Name: Bernice CRANE 1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1743 Dighton, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USA

Wife: Joanna AXTELL

Name: Joanna AXTELL 1
Sex: Female
Father: William AXTELL (1713-1750)
Mother: Hannah SPOONER ( - )
Birth 21 Mar 1746 USA
Death 5 May 1846 (age 100) USA

Child 1: Abiather CRANE

Name: Abiather CRANE 1
Sex: Male
Birth 1766 USA

Child 2: Luranna CRANE

Name: Luranna CRANE 1
Sex: Female
Birth 1771 USA

Child 3: Barnabas CRANE

Name: Barnabas CRANE 1
Sex: Male
Birth 1775 USA

Child 4: Benjamin CRANE

Name: Benjamin CRANE 1
Sex: Male
Birth 1778 USA

Child 5: Jemima AXTELL

Name: Jemima AXTELL 1
Sex: Female
Birth 1778 USA

Child 6: William AXTELL

Name: William AXTELL 1
Sex: Male
Birth 1781 USA

Note on Wife: Joanna AXTELL

b. March 21, 1746; married Bernice Crane of Berkley, Mass., on Jan. 15,

1763. He was born at Dighton, Mass., in 1743, the son of Benjamin and Mary

Crane of Berkley. She died May 5, 1846, aged one hundred years, one month,

and fifteen days. In religion she was a Congregationalist, belonging to the

Congregational Church at Berkley for forty years. She is said to have had a

firm, even temper, a strong masculine understanding, a deep interest in her

friends and neighbors. Her grandson, Rev. Silas Axtell Crane, D.D., was an

Episcopalian clergyman, greatly honored and loved. He died in East Greenwich,

R.I. in 1872.


Children: Abiather, b. 1766, Luranna, b. 1771, Barnabas, b. 1775,

Benjamin, b. 1778, Jemima, b. 1778? and William, b. 1781.


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