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Benjamin AXTELL's parents: William AXTELL (1713-1750) and Hannah SPOONER ( - )

Family of Benjamin AXTELL and Jemima BRIGGS

Husband: Benjamin AXTELL (1744- )
Wife: Jemima BRIGGS ( - )
Children: Daniel AXTELL ( - )
Silas AXTELL ( - )
Benjamin AXTELL (1782- )
Jemima AXTELL ( - )
Marriage 19 Feb 1778 Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USA 1,2

Husband: Benjamin AXTELL

Name: Benjamin AXTELL 1
Sex: Male
Father: William AXTELL (1713-1750)
Mother: Hannah SPOONER ( - )
Birth 1744 Berkley, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USA 1,2

Wife: Jemima BRIGGS

Name: Jemima BRIGGS 1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth USA

Child 1: Daniel AXTELL

Name: Daniel AXTELL 1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Polly RICHARDSON ( - )
Birth USA

Child 2: Silas AXTELL

Name: Silas AXTELL 1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Anna BRIGGS ( - )
Birth USA

Child 3: Benjamin AXTELL

Name: Benjamin AXTELL 1,2
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ruth SMITH ( - )
Birth 1782 Jamaica, Windham County, Vermont, USA 2

Child 4: Jemima AXTELL

Name: Jemima AXTELL 1
Sex: Female
Birth USA

Note on Husband: Benjamin AXTELL

b. in Berkley, Mass., 1744; married Jemima Briggs at her home in Rehoboth,

Mass., Feb. 19, 1778. He served in the Revolution in Capt. Edward Blake's

Co., Col. William's rgt. 1776. In 1776 he moved from Taunton, Mass., to

Westmoreland, N.H., and in his old age to Jamaica, Vt., where he died. He was

a good man but saw much trouble. "In his last days his hair turned black

again and his eyesight came back so he could see to read without glasses."

Note on Wife: Jemima BRIGGS

of Rehoboth, Mass.


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