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Daniel AXTELL's other family: with Phebe REED ( - )

Family of Daniel AXTELL and Waitstill BABBIT

Husband: Daniel AXTELL (1704- )
Wife: Waitstill BABBIT (1701-1757)
Children: Daniel AXTELL (1739-1772)
Thankful AXTELL (1739- )
Elizabeth AXTELL (1742- )
Marriage 15 Sep 1737 Dighton, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USA 1

Husband: Daniel AXTELL

Name: Daniel AXTELL 2,3
Sex: Male
Father: Daniel AXTELL (1673-1735)
Mother: Thankful PRATT (1675?-1749?)
Birth 24 Oct 1704 South Carolina, USA 4

Wife: Waitstill BABBIT

Name: Waitstill BABBIT 2,5
Sex: Female
Father: Edward Erasmus BABBITT (1655-1733)
Mother: Elizabeth THAYER (1628- )
Birth 16 Nov 1701 Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USA 1
Death 1 Nov 1757 (age 55)

Child 1: Daniel AXTELL

Name: Daniel AXTELL 2
Sex: Male
Birth 29 Feb 1739 USA
Death 1772 (age 32-33) USA

Child 2: Thankful AXTELL

Name: Thankful AXTELL 2
Sex: Female
Spouse: Elisha CRANE ( - )
Birth 29 Feb 1739 USA

Child 3: Elizabeth AXTELL

Name: Elizabeth AXTELL 2
Sex: Female
Spouse: Isaac TUBBS ( - )
Birth 17 Dec 1742 USA

Note on Husband: Daniel AXTELL

b. Oct. 24, 1704 either in South Carolina or on the way thither. Was a child

when his father returned to Mass. He married Waitsill Babbit Sept. 15, 1737,

and spent his life in Berkley, Mass., where he was a large land owner and a

prominent citizen. He was one of the constituent members of the church of

that place, and in 1737 was chosen Deacon. That same year he provided the

entertainment for the people for the ordination of Samuel Tobey. In 1750 he

became Ruling Elder. His wife died in 1757 and he married (2) Phebe Reed.

Daniel died Sept. 21, 1761. His widow married Capt. James Foster of

Rochester, May 13, 1771. (see will).


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