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Thomas AXTELL's other family: with Elizabeth SHERMAN ( -1756?)

Family of Thomas AXTELL and Mary SANGER

Husband: Thomas AXTELL (1712-1798)
Wife: Mary SANGER ( - )
Marriage 6 Oct 1760 USA 1,2

Husband: Thomas AXTELL

Name: Thomas AXTELL 3
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas AXTELL (1672-1750)
Mother: Sarah BARKER (1674?-1747)
Birth 11 May 1712 Marlborough, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA 2,4
Death 28 May 1798 (age 86) USA 2,4

Wife: Mary SANGER

Name: Mary SANGER 3
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth USA 1

Note on Marriage

children died young

Note on Husband: Thomas AXTELL

b. in Marlboro, Mass., May 11, 1712. He moved to Grafton with his parents in

1730. m. May 13, 1736, Elizabeth Sherman of Marlboro, who received as her

marriage portion a large tract of land in the north part of Grafton, a part

of which remains in the hands of her descendants, Axtells. His wife Elizabeth

died about 1756. On Oct. 6 1760, he married (2) Mary Sanger, by whom he had

children, all of whom died young. (History of Grafton says she gave birth to

triplicate sons Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; all died within three weeks).

Thomas died May 28, 1798.


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