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Jacob COOK's other families: with Phebe HALL (1689-1728) and Mary TIRRELL (1689- )

Family of Jacob COOK and Rebecca AXTELL

Husband: Jacob COOK (1691-1753)
Wife: Rebecca AXTELL (1706- )
Children: John COOK (1732- )
Joseph COOK (1735- )
Daniel COOK (1739- )
Marriage 11 Nov 1736 Berkley, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USA 1,2

Husband: Jacob COOK

Name: Jacob COOK 2,3
Sex: Male
Father: Jacob COOK (1653-1747)
Mother: Lydia MILLER (1661-1727)
Birth 16 Jun 1691 Plymouth, , Massachusetts, USA 2
Death 20 Nov 1753 (age 62) Mendham, Morris County, New Jersey, USA 2

Wife: Rebecca AXTELL

Name: Rebecca AXTELL 2,3,4
Sex: Female
Father: Daniel AXTELL (1673-1735)
Mother: Thankful PRATT (1675?-1749?)
Birth 22 Nov 1706 USA 3

Child 1: John COOK

Name: John COOK 2
Sex: Male
Birth 1732 Kingston, , Massachusetts, USA 2

Child 2: Joseph COOK

Name: Joseph COOK 2
Sex: Male
Birth 1735 Kingston, , Massachusetts, USA 2

Child 3: Daniel COOK

Name: Daniel COOK 2
Sex: Male
Birth 10 Dec 1739 Berkley, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USA 2

Note on Husband: Jacob COOK

According to various dates Jacob married Mary whilst Phebe was pregnant with her last child, he had a daughter my Rebecca Axtell before his last child with Mary, and he married Rebecca after having had two children with her. Some checking of the dates is required to check the order of events. I suspect that some of the dates have been mistranscribed. Another possibility is that multiple Jacob Cooks are involved. [Jon Axtell]2

Note on Wife: Rebecca AXTELL



{POSSIBLE} John COOKE* b Kingston, MA


{POSSIBLE} Joseph COOKE* b Kingston, MA 1735


{PROBABLE} Daniel COOKE* b Berkeley, MA 10 DEC 17391


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