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Elizabeth BERTRAM's parents: Thomas BERTRAM (1848?- ) and Mary Jane RIGG (1848?- )

Family of SMITH and Elizabeth BERTRAM

Husband: SMITH
Wife: Elizabeth BERTRAM (1878?- )

Husband: SMITH

Name: SMITH 1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Elizabeth BERTRAM

Name: Elizabeth BERTRAM 2
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas BERTRAM (1848?- )
Mother: Mary Jane RIGG (1848?- )
Birth 1878 (app) Cartmel, Lancashire, England, UK

Note on Wife: Elizabeth BERTRAM

Denise Airey: 1881 CENSUS:[ RG11,4277,F64,Pg18] Daughter, 3 Abode: 23 Sunderland Terrace, Ulverston, Lancs.


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