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Family of William Matthew GRAY and Fanny Katherine AXTELL

Husband: William Matthew GRAY (1859-1931)
Wife: Fanny Katherine AXTELL (1875-1954)
Children: Harold William GRAY (1908-1994)
Robert Matthew GRAY
John Axtell GRAY
Katherine Jean GRAY (1917-1996?)
Marriage Q4 1907 Headington, Buckinghamshire, England, UK 1

Husband: William Matthew GRAY

Name: William Matthew GRAY 2
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 8 Mar 1859 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK 2
Baptism 8 May 1859 (age 0) Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK 2
Occupation Builder 2
Death 1931 (age 71-72) Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK 2

Wife: Fanny Katherine AXTELL

Name: Fanny Katherine AXTELL 3,4,5
Sex: Female
Nickname: Had
Father: William Henry AXTELL (1849- )
Mother: Jane HUNT (1851- )
Birth 4 Dec 1875 Headington, Oxfordshire, England, UK 6
Baptism Cowley St John, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK 2
Death 1954 (age 78-79)

Child 1: Harold William GRAY

Name: Harold William GRAY 2
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ivy Florence SMART
Birth 7 Jun 1908 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK 2
Occupation Chairman of Minty Furniture 2
Death 1994 (age 85-86) Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK 2

Child 2: Robert Matthew GRAY

Name: Robert Matthew GRAY 2
Sex: Male
Spouse: Winifred Glanville STONE

Child 3: John Axtell GRAY

Name: John Axtell GRAY 2,7
Sex: Male

Child 4: Katherine Jean GRAY

Name: Katherine Jean GRAY 2
Sex: Female
Spouse: Reginald Stanley CLEAVER (1917?-1996?)
Birth 18 Apr 1917 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK 2,8
Baptism 24 Jun 1917 (age 0) Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK 2
Death 1996 (app) (age 78-79) Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England, UK 2

Note on Husband: William Matthew GRAY

Possibly related to Alice Gray [9023], wife of brother George Axtell? Not confirmed, but based on surname Gray. [Jon Axtell][

Note on Wife: Fanny Katherine AXTELL

NOTES: 1881 Oxfordshire, Cowley 19 Princes St RG11/1497 f98 p30 William H Axtellhdmar32stone masonOxford Jane Axtellwifemar30Bladon Fanny K Axtelldaur5scholarOxford Harriet G Axtelldaur3Oxford George Axtellson2Oxford 1891 Oxfordshire, Cowley 13 Aston St RG12/1164 f47 p31 William H Axtellhdmar42stone masonOxford Jane Axtellwifemar40Woodstock Fanny C Axtelldaur15scholarOxford Harriet G Axtelldaur13scholarOxford George Axtellson12scholarOxford


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