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James AXTELL's other family: with Alice BARRETT (1861?- )

Family of James William AXTELL and Catherine Margaret DEAN

Husband: James William AXTELL (1843- )
Wife: Catherine Margaret DEAN ( -1874)
Marriage Q4 1864 Croydon, London, Surrey, England, UK 1,2

Husband: James William AXTELL

Name: James William AXTELL 3
Sex: Male
Father: Nathaniel James AXTELL ( - )
Mother: Elizabeth QUIN ( - )
Birth Q4 1843 Lewisham, London, England, UK 4
Baptism 7 Mar 1844 (age 0) St Bartholomew, Sydenham, London, England, UK 2
Occupation Publican 2

Wife: Catherine Margaret DEAN

Name: Catherine Margaret DEAN 2
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Death 24 Jun 1874 2
Burial 3 Jul 1874 2

Note on Marriage

Possible spouses are Caroline Holden and ?. Mismatch in numbers of names on index page according to ancestry.co.uk so can't confirm spouse. Confirmed to be Catherine Margaret Dean by AFO UK [Jon Axtell]

Note on Husband: James William AXTELL (1)

Not totally confirmed that the James William Axtell bQ4 1843 Lewisham is the same baptised 7/3/1844 Sydenham, but it's the best match. [Jon Axtell]

Note on Husband: James William AXTELL (2)

Merged from three records. James William Axtell birth, and two marriage entries for Catherine and Alice. [Jon Axtell]

Note on Wife: Catherine Margaret DEAN

No known children [AFO UK]2


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