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Viola HUBBARD's other family: with Jim WATSON ( - )

Family of William Hurd BROOKS and Viola Mae HUBBARD

Husband: William Hurd BROOKS (1921-1945)
Wife: Viola Mae HUBBARD (1925- )
Children: Karin Howe BROOKS
Sandra Lyn BROOKS

Husband: William Hurd BROOKS

Name: William Hurd BROOKS 1
Sex: Male
Father: Clarence Morrison BROOKS (1881-1944)
Mother: Myra AMAZEEN (1884-1962)
Birth 30 Sep 1921 Acworth, New Hampshire
Death 20 Apr 1945 (age 23) St. Petersburg, Florida
Baptism Staff Seargant - First Air Transport Squadron - India - WWII

Wife: Viola Mae HUBBARD

Name: Viola Mae HUBBARD 1
Sex: Female
Father: Albert HUBBARD ( - )
Mother: Edith Howe HUBBARD ( - )
Birth 24 Feb 1925 Lisbon, New Hampshire

Child 1: Karin Howe BROOKS

Name: Karin Howe BROOKS 1
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: James D. HARTMAN
Spouse 2: Shayne PURDIN

Child 2: Sandra Lyn BROOKS

Name: Sandra Lyn BROOKS 1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Bobbie Lee SMITH


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