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Family of Lyman Clarence BROOKS and Beverly DROWN

Husband: Lyman Clarence BROOKS (1915-1948)
Wife: Beverly DROWN (1917-1992)
Children: Clarence Morrison BROOKS II (b.1940, bur.1959)
Marriage 1939 7 Giddings Ave, Beverly

Husband: Lyman Clarence BROOKS

Name: Lyman Clarence BROOKS 1
Sex: Male
Father: Clarence Morrison BROOKS (1881-1944)
Mother: Myra AMAZEEN (1884-1962)
Birth 9 Apr 1915 Keene, New Hampshire
Death 29 Dec 1948 (age 33) Framingham, , Massachusetts, USA
Christening Dow Academy, Franconia, NH
Burial University of New Hampshire
Baptism 1942 (age 26-27) U.S. Army - 2nd Leutenant - 7th Infantry - Wounded in Battle of Leyte
Confirmation Blue Angels road patrol in NH

Wife: Beverly DROWN

Name: Beverly DROWN 1
Sex: Female
Father: Archie Nason DROWN (1885-1966)
Mother: Kathryn Patterson MADER (1891-1948)
Birth 13 Jun 1917 Chicopee, Massachusetts
Death 10 Mar 1992 (age 74) Boston, Massachusetts
Christening 1933 (age 15-16) Graduated Beverly High School
Confirmation 1952 (age 34-35) Book Keeper - Delaneys Drug Store, United Shoe Country Club, Vitales Constructio
First communion 1943 (age 25-26) Worked at Junior League in Boston, GE - Lynn Mass - aircraft plant
Occupation Skiing, skating
Religion League of Women Voters
Education Liberal

Child 1: Clarence Morrison BROOKS II

Name: Clarence Morrison BROOKS II 1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lee Cummings LIPPINCOTT (b.1941, bur.1959)
Birth 7 Apr 1940 Littleton, New Hampshire
Christening Jan 1964 (age 23) Graduated St. Lawrence University
Burial Jun 1959 Graduated Beverly High School, Beverly, MA
Baptism None
Confirmation President, Great Nordic Inc.
First communion VP Sales & Marketing, Aristacom
Occupation Skiing, Scuba diving
Religion Demolay
Education Republican

Note on Husband: Lyman Clarence BROOKS

Injured in the Battle of Leyte - 1945


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