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Family of Joseph RIGGS and Hannah BROWN

Husband: Joseph RIGGS (1642?-bef1689)
Wife: Hannah BROWN (1642-aft1689)
Children: John RIGGS (1674?- )
Samuel RIGGS (1676?- )
Zophar RIGGS (1678?- )
Elizabeth RIGGS (1681?- )

Husband: Joseph RIGGS

Name: Joseph RIGGS 1
Sex: Male
Father: Edward RIGGS (1614?-1668)
Mother: Elizabeth ROOSA (1615?-1664)
Birth 1642 (app) Milford, Connecticut, USA 2
Death bef 27 Nov 1689 (age 46-47) Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, USA 2

Wife: Hannah BROWN

Name: Hannah BROWN 1
Sex: Female
Father: John BROWN (1620-1690)
Mother: Mary BURWELL (bef1623-bef1689)
Birth 1 Jan 1641/42 Derby, Connecticut, USA 3
Death aft 1689 (age 47) Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, USA
Baptism 3 May 1658 (age 16) New Haven, Connecticut, USA 4

Child 1: John RIGGS

Name: John RIGGS 1
Sex: Male
Birth 1674 (app) Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, USA 3

Child 2: Samuel RIGGS

Name: Samuel RIGGS 1
Sex: Male
Birth 1676 (app) Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, USA 3

Child 3: Zophar RIGGS

Name: Zophar RIGGS 1
Sex: Male
Birth 1678 (app) Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, USA 3

Child 4: Elizabeth RIGGS

Name: Elizabeth RIGGS 1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Daniel DODD (1679?-1748?)
Birth 1681 (app) Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, USA 3

Note on Husband: Joseph RIGGS


pg. xxxv

The will of Joseph Riggs, "of Newark in the Government of New England,"

dated January 1, 1688-9, has this certificate of proof:

"Appeared before vs, William Camp, John Browne, & Joseph Browne this 27

of November : 1689 : and took oath that this is the Last will and

testament of Joseph Riggs of Newark Latly deceased

"John Ward Justice

"Thomas Johnson Justice."

This will was subsequently probated, in solemn form, May 16, 1711, and is

filed at Trenton. John Johnson and Samuell Camp were witnesses, besides

the three named above.



The Riggs Family Genealogy" - John H. Wallace (pgs 4 & 6) (info combined)



Joseph Riggs (son of Edward 2, Edward 1) was born at Milford, Conn, about

1642 and was the first of the tribe to bear the much duplicated name,

Joseph. He had been favored with some advantages of an early education,

as was shown in his business capacity in the management of the affairs of

the new plantation at Newark. Joseph was one of the 2 sons of Edward(2)

to come to the new plantation at Newark with his father. Edward(3) was

the other and Samuel(3) stayed at Derby. Both Edward(3) and Joseph, the

sons of Edward(2) were designated as "Planters", that is, orginal

proprietors. The former did not come until later in the year and the

latter had no home lot assigned to him, because he was still a bachelor.

He was still single and living with his mother and father in Newark in

1667. According to Wallace, his father died in 1668, and his mother,

contemplating remarriage, in 1671 conveyed to him 1/2 of the orginal home

lot assigned to Edward(2). He then had a place for his family and married

Hannah Browne, whose father, John Browne was one of the planters at Derby

in CT as well as at Newark.


Henry Earle Riggs in "Our Pioneer Anscestors" disputes the fact that

she remarried. (See details on Edward(2) page. Although he had 3 sons &

a daughter, and was capable in the management of men and affairs, his

descendants have amounted to very little in either numbers or influence

in this great tribe of kinsmen. Wallace knows nothing about 3 out of 4 of

his children, other than their birthdates." ( Kim has seen LDS

descendancy charts and will compare to Wallace's info.)


1"Gedcom - Descendants of Edward Ball" (http://www.altlaw.com/edball/).