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Family of Trevor Desmond PENNY and Elaine Elizabeth MAYS

Husband: Trevor Desmond PENNY
Wife: Elaine Elizabeth MAYS
Children: Deborah Anne PENNY

Husband: Trevor Desmond PENNY

Name: Trevor Desmond PENNY 1
Sex: Male
Father: Alfred Charles PENNY (1895-1985)
Mother: Alice Ivy DORAN (1902-1988)

Wife: Elaine Elizabeth MAYS

Name: Elaine Elizabeth MAYS 1
Sex: Female
Father: Fredrick MAYS (1909-1979)
Mother: Doris Evelyn WILDMAN (1905-1959)

Child 1: Deborah Anne PENNY

Name: Deborah Anne PENNY 1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Tony Alan RYAN (1958-2008)


1Debbie Ryan, "Person - Debbie Ryan".
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