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Sarah POTTER's other family: with Robert FOOTE (1627-1681)

Family of Aaron BLATCHLEY and Sarah POTTER

Husband: Aaron BLATCHLEY (1644-1699)
Wife: Sarah POTTER (1641?-1706?)
Marriage 1686 (app) prob. Branford, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA

Husband: Aaron BLATCHLEY

Name: Aaron BLATCHLEY 1
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas BLATCHLEY (1615-1674)
Mother: Susannah BALL (1626?-1677)
Birth Aug 1644 New Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA 2
Death 31 Aug 1699 (age 54-55) Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA 3
Baptism 1 Jun 1651 (age 6) New Haven, Connecticut, USA 4

Wife: Sarah POTTER

Name: Sarah POTTER 1
Sex: Female
Father: William POTTER (1608?-1662)
Mother: Frances ( - )
Birth 22 Aug 1641 (app) New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Death 23 Aug 1706 (app) (age 65) prob. Branford, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA
Baptism 22 Aug 1641 (age 0) Christened New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Note on Husband: Aaron BLATCHLEY


7-80 non cupative will of Susana Bristow of Guilford gives oldest son

Aaron to have double share & other chn (not named) to share the rest




1675 Sept 30. Do Aaron Blachely of Newark for 70 a. as above. (page 142

original) page 21.




Children of Mary (Mercie) DODD and Aaron BLATCHLEY:


1 Thomas BLATCHLEY. Born 1666. Died 20 DEC 1692, Guilford,

New Haven CO, CT.


2 Susanna BLATCHLEY. Born 1667. Died 19 JAN 1727/1728. Mar-

ried 8 OCT 1684, Guilford, New Haven CO, CT, Ebenezer

FRENCH, died 3 MAY 1706.


3 Mary BLATCHLEY. Born 1668. Died 1754. Married Nathaniel



4 Sarah BLATCHLEY. Born 1670. Married first, Christopher

WEST. Married second, Samuel NORTON.


5 Samuel BLATCHLEY. Born 1672. Died 14 OCT 1756, Stamford,

Fairfield CO, CT. Married first, 6 APR 1699, Stamford,

Fairfield CO, CT, Abigail FINCH. Married second, Sarah



6 Hannah BLATCHLEY. Born 5 MAR 1672/1673.


7 Daniel BLATCHLEY. Born 9 JAN 1675/1676, Guilford, New Haven

CO, CT. Died 3 MAY 1712. Married 10 FEB 1700/1701,

Mehitable EVARTS.


8 Ebenezer BLATCHLEY SR.. Born 1677, Guilford, New Haven CO,

CT. Died JAN 1729/1730, Dix Hills, Huntington Twp, Suffolk

CO, NY. Married ABT 1716, Jane ?. SOURCE NOTES: ATTR: *


Probate source: Will dated 19 Jan 1729/30, is filed in Hall

Of Records, NYC. Probate data quality: 3


9 Joseph BLATCHLEY. Born 1680, Guilford, New Haven CO, CT.

Died 14 OCT 1704. Married 14 OCT 1703, Mehitabel KEELER.


10 Benjamin BLATCHLEY. Born BEF 1683, Guilford, New Haven CO,

CT. Died 17 DEC 1741. Married 27 NOV 1741, Naomi DUDLEY.

Note on Wife: Sarah POTTER

"...Of these children, Mary and Sarah are not named in their father's

will, but Sarah was living Aug. 23, 1706, when "Sarah Blakesley, alias

Foote, alias Potter, daughter of William Potter," acknowledges on p. 130,

vol. v., New Haven Land Records, the receipt of her full share in her

father's estate."


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