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Family of John Aaron PALMOUR and Caroline Elizabeth COUCH

Husband: John Aaron PALMOUR (1829-1914)
Wife: Caroline Elizabeth COUCH (1834-1906)
Children: Amanda Jane PALMOUR (1856-1948)

Husband: John Aaron PALMOUR

Name: John Aaron PALMOUR 1
Sex: Male
Father: John PALMOUR (1786-1847)
Mother: Nancy BOON (1792-1829)
Birth 10 Jun 1829
Death 15 Apr 1914 (age 84)

Wife: Caroline Elizabeth COUCH

Name: Caroline Elizabeth COUCH 1
Sex: Female
Father: Terry COUCH ( - )
Mother: Agnes BARRETT ( - )
Birth 16 Mar 1834
Death 29 May 1906 (age 72)

Child 1: Amanda Jane PALMOUR

Name: Amanda Jane PALMOUR 1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Jordan Davis WHELCHEL (1855-1917)
Birth 5 Apr 1856
Death 1948 (age 91-92)

Note on Husband: John Aaron PALMOUR

born in SC. Died in Dawson County, SC


John, Jr. was a first leutenant in the Confederate Army in a company commanded by Capt. William Greenberry Russell, a part of Col. James J.Findley's Regiment.

Note on Wife: Caroline Elizabeth COUCH

Born in Hall County, GA; Died in Dawson County, GA


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