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Maurice AXTELL's parents: Ebenezer AXTELL (1800?-1874) and Ann D (1806?-1883)

Family of Maurice AXTELL and Sabina NUNEZ

Husband: Maurice AXTELL (1832-1887)
Wife: Sabina NUNEZ ( - )
Children: Sabina AXTELL Nunez (1870-bef1930)
Carlos AXTELL Nunez (1875-1903)
Felix Agustin AXTELL Nunez (1888- )

Husband: Maurice AXTELL

Name: Maurice AXTELL 1,2
Sex: Male
Father: Ebenezer AXTELL (1800?-1874)
Mother: Ann D (1806?-1883)
Birth 1832 2,3
Death 18 Dec 1887 (age 54-55) Quillota, Chile 2,3
Occupation Empleado 2,3

Wife: Sabina NUNEZ

Name: Sabina NUNEZ 2
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Sabina AXTELL Nunez

Name: Sabina AXTELL Nunez 2
Sex: Female
Spouse: Jose Antonio LA RIVERA Ahumada (1871- )
Birth 1870 4
Death btw 1920 and 1930 (age 49-60)

Child 2: Carlos AXTELL Nunez

Name: Carlos AXTELL Nunez 2
Sex: Male
Birth 1875
Death 1903 (age 27-28) Quillota, Chile

Child 3: Felix Agustin AXTELL Nunez

Name: Felix Agustin AXTELL Nunez 2
Sex: Male
Birth 1 May 1888
Baptism 11 Aug 1888 (age 0) Quillota, Chile 5

Note on Husband: Maurice AXTELL (1)

Note in axb45.ged states that its thought that Maurice died in an earthquake in South America. This note seems to be copied in the data on Eduardo Moreno's website, but he also states that the death certificate shows the cause of death to be Cholera. Could be that cholera was due to problems after earthquake. [Jon Axtell]

Note on Husband: Maurice AXTELL (2)

Cert. Defuncion dice INGLES

Murio de Colera

Enterrado en Cementerio de Quillota2


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