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Theodore BOGERT's parents: Theodore BOGERT and Frances Patricia RANIERO
Theodore BOGERT's brother: Michael Keith BOGERT

Family of Theodore LaRue BOGERT and Stacy Lyn POORBAUGH

Husband: Theodore LaRue BOGERT
Wife: Stacy Lyn POORBAUGH
Children: Courtney Alexis BOGERT

Husband: Theodore LaRue BOGERT

Name: Theodore LaRue BOGERT 1
Sex: Male
Father: Theodore BOGERT
Mother: Frances Patricia RANIERO

Wife: Stacy Lyn POORBAUGH

Name: Stacy Lyn POORBAUGH 1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Courtney Alexis BOGERT

Name: Courtney Alexis BOGERT 1
Sex: Female


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