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Nettie STORRER's other family: with Ivan John AXTELL (1894-1973)
Nettie STORRER's parents: George STORRER ( - ) and Burtha ABBY ( - )

Family of WYCKOFF and Nettie STORRER

Husband: WYCKOFF ( - )
Wife: Nettie STORRER (1899?- )

Husband: WYCKOFF

Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Nettie STORRER

Name: Nettie STORRER 1,2,3,4,5,6
Sex: Female
Father: George STORRER ( - )
Mother: Burtha ABBY ( - )
Birth 1899 (cal) New York, USA 3
Census 1930 (age 31) Deposit, Deleware County, New York, USA 3

Note on Wife: Nettie STORRER

Parents are from switzerland according to 1930 census. [Jon Axtell]


Name given as Nettie S Wyckoff, but from Marriage index of 1916-1917 source from dcnyhistory.org, her fathers name is given as Storrer so it can be assumed that Nettie's marriage to Ivan was her 2nd. [Jon Axtell]


Noted in wedding announcement for Galley-Whitaker/Harris as listed on dcnyhistory.org site at http://www.dcnyhistory.org/oldnewsidx/obitalverson3.html. It is assumed that the Nettie mentioned is the wife of Ivan [14826] (1894-1979) and not Ivan John [16004] (1920-) as the other Ivan is not listed as being married according to axb45.ged and the announcement states "Mrs Ivan Axtell". There is also a Mrs John Axtell listed but it is not possible identify the John Axtell from the limited information.



newspaper clipping - 1946 - Wedding held Sept. 21, 1946

NOTE: There is a picture of the couple, if anyone would like a copy)




At Beerston Presbyterian church Saturday afternoon at 1; REV. FRANK H. LATHOM, pastor of Walton Reformed Presbyterian church, performed the double ring ceremony uniting LORRAINE WHITAKER HARRIS, daughter of MR. and MRS. ORVILLE WHITAKER of Beerston, and ROBERT GALLEY son of MRS. SUSIE GALLEY of Walton. The ceremony took place before a white arch trimmed with hydrangea, gladioli, smilax and baskets of mixed garden flowers. Beerston church was filled for the occasion. The bride wore a gold silk crepe street length dress with black accessories and a corsage of read roses. She was attended by MRS. LYNN HOLLEY of Syracuse, who wore an aqua silk crepe street length dress with brown accessories and corsage of yellow roses. MRS. WARD HOLLEY of Syracuse, bridesmaid, was in pink silk crepe street length dress with black accessories and her corsage was made up of yellow roses. LYNN HOLLEY attended MR. GALLEY as best man and ushers were WARD HOLLEY of Syracuse and CLAIR GALLEY of Walton. MISS ELLEN LATHOM, at the piano, played traditional wedding music and prior to the ceremony accompanied MISS LETHA CONWAY, soloist. Sixty attended a reception at the home of the bride's parents immediately following the ceremony. Presiding at the serving table were MRS. KENNETH GRAY and MRS. GRAHAM JACKSON, both of Beerston. MR. and MRS. GALLEY left on a wedding trip to northern New York state and Canada and will be at home Oct. 1 on their farm at Loomis brook. The bride is graduate of Walton High, class of '40, and MR. GALLEY is employed at Rockroyal creamery. He was 20 months overseas with the army in the Pacific area taking part in five invasions. He was discharged Mar. 7, 1946. Attending from out of town were MR. and MRS. LEWIS BUDINE, MRS. IVAN AXTELL and MRS. JOHN AXTEL, Deposit; MRS. RALPH HAGER and daughter, DONNA, Bainbridge; MRS. GEORGE PADDOCK, MR. and MRS. LYNN HOLLEY and son, MICHAEL, MR. and MRS. WARD HOLLEY and MRS. HENRY AUTH, Syracuse; MR. and MRS. WILLIAM DECKELMAN, Jeffersonville; MR. and MRS. PERRY WILLIS, Masonville; MR. and MRS. O. F. WHITAKER and MR. and MRS. SHELDON BUDINE, Cannonsville.



[Jon Axtell]


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