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William STEWART's other families: with Ann LAUGHLIN (1795-1847) and Mary Chochran ROBB (1816-1873)
Phoebe ROSS's parents: Edward ROSS ( - ) and Mary AXTELL (1786- )

Family of William M STEWART and Phoebe ROSS

Husband: William M STEWART (1794-1885)
Wife: Phoebe ROSS (1817-1848)
Marriage 17 Aug 1847 Linn County, Iowa, USA 1

Husband: William M STEWART

Name: William M STEWART 1
Sex: Male
Father: Robert STEWART (1762-1846)
Mother: Margaret MCCALLEN (1767-1821)
Birth 24 Apr 1794 Brownsville, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, USA 1
Death 12 Nov 1885 (age 91) Puyallup, Pierce County, Washington, USA 1
Burial Sumner, Pierce County, Washington, USA 1

Wife: Phoebe ROSS

Name: Phoebe ROSS 1
Sex: Female
Father: Edward ROSS ( - )
Mother: Mary AXTELL (1786- )
Birth 4 Jul 1817 Mercer County, Pennsylvania, USA 1
Death 20 Jul 1848 (age 31) 1

Note on Husband: William M STEWART

He had very heavy dark brown hair & light blue eyes. He was Cumberland Presbyterian.

Politics: Personal Freedom, free speech, free vote, freeland for all.



"Good Luck to you brave Uncle Abe,

You've done your part goodman to save us,

To Please the good and save the poor

That Jeff and Dick may nere' enslave us." (1863)

"But know good man, if you were God,

You could not make the wrong be right sir,

Just say what you will and do what you please,

You cannot make the black be white sir."

"You know perhaps what men are true,

But, God is true, and he is just sir,

Then lead the men of valient mein,

The which you will , as we do trust sir."

"But, if you lead us as you should

The worlds award will be TRUE GREATNESS.

But, mind ye sir don't serve old Nick

Or sad will be your final straightness."

"Dear Uncle Abe we know dear Friend,

That you're a man, so is a nigger,

And if ye fail to make him free,

You'll one day make a sorry figure."

"Think what you will good Uncle Abe

Of All your troops, and wealth and power.

But, if you leave one slave in bonds

That sin might crush you in an hour."

"The rights of man are mighty things

Which rise above all earthly towers

They sour above all human laws

And trample down the tyrants powers."

"But know it sir when law has failed

To fill its place and men become aspirants

Then God will plead the poor mans cause

Proud and hearthy tyrants

and kill those"

"The rights of any honest man,

That labors in a useful station,

Is worth far more in sight of heaven,

Than all the laws of any nation."

"Then come what will good Uncle Abe

Fill well your place; give EACH his rights, sir.

Then without Flattery all may say

You shine among the brightest Lights sir."

"But, Leave one single slave in bonds

And curses may on your descend sir.

You have the RIGHT and powers too

Then ACT, or justice may not ye defend, sir."

"God Raised you up Good Uncle Abe

To play the man and not the King Saul, sir.

Then bless the poor and FREE the slave

Or very great may be your fall, sir."

"Make mankind FREE, dear Uncle Abe,

Secure to all their every Right sir,

Then all will feel disposed to say

Your light is the Light of Christ Sir."

Yours will all due Reverence and Regards,


William M. Stewart


To Abraham Lincoln




Cause of Death: Old age

Fact 1: Scotch Irish

Fact 2: Mechanic, Cabinet maker, Preacher

Fact 3: Protestant, Cumberland Presbyterian, Congregationalist.


He married (1) PHOEBE ROSS 8-17-1847 in Linn Co., IA, daughter of EDWARD ROSS and MARY AXTELL. (Mary, born 7 February 178 6 in New Jersey was the daughter of Luther Axtell and Hannah Conduit, he moved to Washington Co., PA with his cousins, Thomas and Daniel)

She was born 7-04-1817 in Mercer Co., PA, and died 7-20-1848. He married (2) ANN LAUGHLIN 2-22-1816 in Pendleton , South Carolina, daughter of JOHN LAUGHLIN and MARY DALRYMPLE . She was born 5-22-1795 in Pendleton District, South Carolina , and died 3-23-1847 in Johnson Co.., buried: Dairydale, IA. He married (3) MARY COCHRAN ROBB WATKINS Aft. 1849, daughter of JOHN ROBB and RHODA AXTELL. She was born 8-13-1816 in Mercer, PA, and died 1-26-1873.

1. WILLIAM1 STEWART was born 1722 in Clough, Antriam, Ireland, and died 1804

in Adams, Brown Co.. OH. Buried: Red Oak Cemetery. He married MARY ANN

(POLLOCK) POLK PARK 7-07-1762 in Clough, Antriam, Ireland. She was born 1725

in Clough, Antriam, Ireland, and died 1787 in Cumberland Valley , Fayette Co..

Tyrone Church, PA.


[John Robb.GED.FTW]






7-7-1762, a passport was issued to William Stewart, Linen Weaver , and Ann Park

with their families, to go to PA, America, from Clough , Antriam, Ireland.

His ancestors had left Scotland on account of religious and political reasons.[Polly Cottons.FTW]



Fact 1: 7-07-1762, Passport issued. Ireland to PA, America

Fact 2: 1765, Sailed for New Castle, Delaware.


Fact 1: Ancestor of President James K. Polk (Robert Pollock)

Children of WILLIAM STEWART and MARY PARK are:


ii. JAMES STEWART, b. 5-28-1755, Clough, Antriam, Ireland; d. 9- 15-1833,Randolph Co., IN; m. MARY MCCALLEN, 1790.

iii. MARGARET STEWART, b. 10-10-1761, Clough, Antriam, Ireland ; d. 5-18-1848, Fayette Co., PA; m. JAMES TORRENCE, 1783, Pennsylvania.

2. iv. ROBERT STEWART, b. 12-28-1762, Clough Co.., Antrim, Ireland; d. 3-18-1846, Greenville, Bond Co.., IL.

v. ANN STEWART, b. 8-05-1765, Born at Sea; d. 10-23-1823, Fleming Co., KY; m. JOHN HOOD, 9-18-1786.


Generation No. 2


2. ROBERT2 STEWART (WILLIAM1) was born 12-28-1762 in Clough County. , Antrim, Ireland, and died 3-18-1846 in Greenville, Bond Co.., Illinois. He married MARGARET MCCALLEN 5-02-1793 in Brownville, Fayette, PA. She was born 1767 in Fayette Co., Pennsylvania, and died 1821 in Adams, Brown, OH.


Emigrated to KY, near Frankfort.


i. WILLIAM M.3 STEWART, b. 4-24-1794, Brownsville, Fayette Co.. , PA; d. 11-12-1885, Puyallup, WA, buried: Sumner, WA; m. (1) PHOEBE ROSS, 8-17-1847, Linn Co., IA; b. 7-0 4-1817, Mercer Co., PA; d. 7-20-1848; m. (2) ANN LAUGHLIN, 2-22-1816, Pendleton, South Carolina; b. 5-22-1795, Pendleton District, South Carolina; d. 3-23-1847,

Johnson Co.., buried: Dairydale, IA; m. (3) MARY COCHRAN ROBB WATKINS, Aft. 1849; b. 8-13-1816, Mercer, PA; d. 1-26-1873.

Notes for ANN LAUGHLIN: Dark hair, Hazel eyes.

ii. MARY STEWART, b. 1796, Washington Mason Co.. KY; m. JOHN NEWTON LAUGHLIN, 9-18-1823.

iii. ROBERT R. STEWART, b. 5-1798; m. (1) ANN DEMINA MCCORD; m . (2) LAURA MARIE; m. (3) LUCY; m. (4) MARTHA NARCISSA WILLIS, 3 -23-1820, Red Oak, Brown Co., OH.

iv. ANN STEWART, b. 7-19-1800, Washington Mason Co.. KY; d. 10-10 -1885, La Grande, OR; m. JAMES WHAREY WILLIS, 9-24-1819, Red Oak , Brown Co., OH.

v. JOHN STEWART, b. 1801, Eagle Creek, Adams Co., OH; d. 11 -24-1834; m. NANCY BAIRD, 10-27-1825, Red Oak, Brown Co., Ohio.

vi. MARGARET STEWART, b. 1803, Eagle Creek, Adams Co., OH ; d. 1803.

vii. SARAH STEWART, b. 6-09-1805, Eagle Creek, Adams Co., Ohio; m. GEORGE BURDER WILLIS, 1-05-1826, Red Oak, Brown Co, OH.

viii. ELIZABETH STEWART, b. 1808.

ix. JAMES PARK STEWART, b. 1-29-1810, Eagle Creek, Adams Co , OH; d. 1894; m. (1) WIFE MITCHELL; m. (2) MARY LEEPER, 9-21- 1836.

"A Pioneer History & Genealogical Record of Rev. Wm. M. Stewart and Decendants"

By Merrill G. Henry (Clan Genealogist)


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