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Rhoda ROBB's parents: John ROBB (1790?- ) and Rhoda AXTELL (1782- )

Family of William Wylie DODD and Rhoda ROBB

Husband: William Wylie DODD (1825-1895)
Wife: Rhoda ROBB (1823-1898)
Marriage 5 Jun 1856 Marion, Linn County, Iowa, USA

Husband: William Wylie DODD

Name: William Wylie DODD
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 12 Dec 1825 Marion County, Ohio, USA
Death 30 Oct 1895 (age 69) Blue Rapids, Marshall County, Kansas, USA

Wife: Rhoda ROBB

Name: Rhoda ROBB 1,2
Sex: Female
Father: John ROBB (1790?- )
Mother: Rhoda AXTELL (1782- )
Birth 23 Oct 1823 Mercer County, Pennsylvania, USA 2
Death 11 Jun 1898 (age 74) Kansas, USA 2

Note on Marriage

21 June 1856

Married on the fifth at Marion, IA, by Reverend Alexander S. Mar shall, William W. Dodd to Rhoda B. Robb. All of Linn Co, Io WA. [John Robb.GED.FTW]


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