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Diana MOORE's other family: with William Paterson JOHNSTON

Family of Frank Charles BABINGTON and Diana Marie MOORE

Husband: Frank Charles BABINGTON (1944-2005)
Wife: Diana Marie MOORE
Children: Michael Frank BABINGTON
Samuel Charles BABINGTON

Husband: Frank Charles BABINGTON

Name: Frank Charles BABINGTON 1
Sex: Male
Father: Charles George BABINGTON (1914-1983)
Mother: Marion Lilian ROBB (1912-1983)
Birth 11 May 1944 Croydon, Surrey, England, UK 1
Death 2005 (age 60-61) South Norwood, , England, UK 1
Occupation Employee of British Telecom 1

Wife: Diana Marie MOORE

Name: Diana Marie MOORE 1
Sex: Female
Father: Lawrence Frederick MOORE (1920-1997)
Mother: Dolinah Sinclair RUSSELL (1925-1984)

Child 1: Michael Frank BABINGTON

Name: Michael Frank BABINGTON 1
Sex: Male

Child 2: Samuel Charles BABINGTON

Name: Samuel Charles BABINGTON 1
Sex: Male

Note on Husband: Frank Charles BABINGTON

Birth Reference Number : Dc 735077 [Diana Babington nee Moore]1


1"Person - Diana Babington nee Moore".
Genes Reunited.